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16.9.2014 Prediction form for Stoke game is now live. The website will be updated latest next week which means tables will be finally available and predictions must be done after logging on to the website. Thanks for your patience!

11.9.2014 Prediction form for Mini-Season 1 Extra is now live.

1.9.2014 Prediction form for Manchester United game is now live.

28.8.2014 Prediction form for Sunderland game is now live.

18.8.2014 Prediction form for Spurs game will be opened on Wednesday or Thursday. Tables will be updated after the second fixture.

14.8.2014 New site launched! The site is still heavily under construction but predictions can be made for the opening fixture.

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Mini-season 1

Fixture 1/9: QPR - Hull (16th Aug 3pm)
Fixture 2/9: Tottenham - QPR (24th Aug 1.30pm)
Fixture 3/9: QPR - Sunderland (28th Aug 3pm)
Fixture 4/9: Man Utd - QPR (14th Sep 4pm)
Fixture 5/9: QPR - Stoke (20th Sep 12.45pm) [ PREDICT ]

Mini-Season 1 Extra (20th Sep 12.45pm) [ PREDICT ]