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QPR - Reading (Sat 5th Aug 3:00PM)
Mini-Season 1 fixture


Sheffield United - QPR (Sat 12th Aug 3:00PM)
Mini-Season 1 fixture


Norwich - QPR (Wed 16th Aug 7:45PM)
Mini-Season 1 fixture


Mini-Season Extra

Mini-Season 1 EXTRA (26th Aug 3:00PM) Predict»


7th July, 2017. Prediction Season 2017-18 will be prepared during the weekend...

6th May, 2017. Prediction Cup updated - Final: Nobby Disher vs Dave Thompson

28th April, 2017. The Prediction Cup page updated - some small issues with scoring fixed.

21th April, 2017. Prediction Cup updated. We are still going through predictions that need to be corrected (QPRvBRI) - please contact us if a correction need to be made to your prediction.

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