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About QPR Prediction League

This is the QPR Prediction League, 2020/2021. If you're a newcomer, welcome!

My name's Elliot Worth and I'm a QPR supporter of over 30 years. The QPR Prediction League is something I have The idea came from a Prediction Competition some of the older R's fans may remember that appeared in the Club Programme for several years and was organised by Derek Buxton. Initially my version of the online Competition constituted of a single, long table which grew in size as more people entered over the course of the season, however, in 1997, the Competition was re-designed and split into a  series of Leagues and the QPR season split into 4 quarters, each known as a "Mini-Season". 

This meant that new entrants to the Prediction League had to start from the "Conference League", (now retired). However, the Mini-League structure gave new entries 4 opportunities throughout the QPR League Season to earn Promotion to higher leagues, thus providing an incentive to keep predicting. The more consistent and accurate the fan, the quicker the trip to the Premier League where you can find the Creme de la Creme of QPR Predictors! 

The QPR Prediction League was hosted on the official website for many years but in the summer of 2012 the Club decided to no longer host it & replaced it with a more commercially based alternative. A new website was born at http://www.qprpredictionleague.com and I hope that I can now rebuild the number of fans joining in once again. For the Season 2014/2015 long-time predictor Antti Lihavainen took over the website maintenance bringing a much higher level of expertise to website development. We implemented a number of automated processes to ensure more efficient predicting and faster updating of League tables. As we move into the new season we hope to extend the features available within the site and also provide a re-fresh.

You can join in the competition at ANY time by simply submitting a prediction for the next game, identifying yourself as a New Entrant for your first prediction.  There is no fee to join, the competition is purely for FUN! If you know someone who wants to join in but who doesn't have email/web access they can still compete. Just complete the match form using THEIR name and YOUR email address.

So how does it all work? Well, to answer this any any others questions you may have, read the rest of this page which provides instructions, rules and the important scoring system. Good luck!

Key Rules of the QPR Prediction League:

Competition Structure Explained:

The Prediction League is divided into a series of mini-leagues with each League containing the following number of predictors:
Premier (20 predictors)
Division 1 (35 predictors)
Division 2 (50+ predictors)

The competition is split into 4 quarters, each known as a Mini-Season. The first 2 mini-seasons consist of 11 QPR Championship League games, the final 2 of 12 games. Note, ONLY QPR's Championship fixtures count towards the League competition. At the end of each mini-season there will be promotion and relegation. To summarise at the end of each mini-season: 

Premier <-> First Division = 5 down, 5 up. 
First Div. <-> Second Div. = 10 down, 10 up. 
Second Div. <-> Third Division = No relegation currently

In the event of eliminations from the competition, further promotion spots may become available during a mini-season. Once relegation/promotion has been decided, points will be reset to 0 and a new mini-season will begin with the next QPR league fixture. 

The Points Scoring System:

The Scoring System is made up of the following categories: 

  1. Result Points
  2. Correct Score
  3. Home/Away Team Goals
  4. Goal Difference
  5. Correct QPR Goalscorer
  6. Game Bonus: High Scoring Thriller (added to your Game score)
  7. Game Bonus: Hat-Trick Hero (added to your Game score)
  8. Bonus: Mini-Season JOKER (Points are added to the BN column when the JOKER has been played)
  9. Bonus: Prediction Competition 'Extra' (Points are added to the BN column at the end of a Mini-Season)

The total score you can achieve for an individual league fixture is the sum of categories 1 to 8: 
[Result Points + Correct Score + Goal Difference + H/A Team Goals + Correct Scorer + Game Bonuses (if any)] = Total [x2 if JOKER played]  NOTE: Prediction Competition 'Extra' points are only attributed at the end of a Mini-Season. 

Example Scenarios:

Result Points:

  1. Home Win / Away Loss: 2 points
  2. Draw (0-0, 1-1, 2-2 etc.): 3 points
  3. Home Defeat / Away Win: 4 points 


You correctly predict QPR to beat Derby at Loftus Road or QPR to lose to Birmingham at St. Andrews = 2 points 
You correctly predict QPR to draw with Leicester (home or away) = 3 points 
You correctly predict QPR to beat Chelsea at Stamford Bridge or QPR to lose to Man Utd at Loftus Road = 4 points

Correct Score:

  1. Correct Score: 1 point 

You predict QPR 2 Brentford 1. 
Actual Result = QPR 2 Brentford 1. 
You score 1 point for predicting the correct score (in addition to other relevant points).

Home/Away Team Goals:

  1. Home Team Goals Correct: 1 point
  2. Away Team Goals Correct: 1 point 

You predict QPR 2 Notts Forest 1. 
Actual Result = QPR 1 Notts Forest 1 
You score 1 point for predicting Norwich's goal tally.

Goal Difference:

  1. Correct Goal Difference (Wins/Losses ONLY): 1 point 


You predict 2-1 to QPR

Actual result is 1-0 to QPR.
Goal difference 1 goal = 1 point.


NOTE: You only gain this point if you are incorrect with your prediction. If you predicted 1-0 to QPR, you wouldn't get this extra point, only if you predicted 2-1,3-2,4-3,5-4 and so on. This is because you receive maximum points for Home and Away goals and Correct Score (a total of 3 points). The Goal Difference point is a compensation point for coming close to the margin of the actual result. 

Points Matrix:

Note the points table below does not include any points related to the goalscorer - these are added according to the playing position of the player and the number of goals they score.

They do include the Game Bonus points for High-Scoring Thriller.

Bonuses (counting as additional Game Points):

  1. High Scoring Thriller (5 goals or more)= 2 points
You correctly predict a 3-2 win for QPR = 2 points given that there were 5 goals in the game. Note, if QPR lose 2-3 or win 4-2 for example, you do NOT get these bonus points, only if you predict the exact result. 

  2. Hat-Trick Hero= 3 points. (The 'standard' points gained by your chosen scorer will also be included). 
    Charlie Austin scores 3 goals = 1 point x 3 goals + 3 point bonus = (1x3)+3= 6 points
    Alejandro Faurlin scores 3 goals = 2 points x 3 goals + 3 point bonus = (2x3)+3= 9 points
    Clint Hill scores 3 goals = 3 point x 3 goals + 3 point bonus = (3x3)+3= 12 points

    This multiplier is also used should the player score more than 3 goals.
Prediction Competition Mini-Season 'Extra'

Predict QPR's League Position & Points total by the end of each Competition Mini-Season. Predictions must be received before the 5th game of each mini-season kicks-off. Currently, the Mini-Seasons are configured as follows:

Mini-Season 1 ends after 11 games 
Mini-Season 2 ends after 22 games 
Mini-Season 3 ends after 34 games 
Mini-Season 4 ends after 46 games

Bonus points are allocated as follows:

Correct = 2 points 
1 place either side = 1 point 

Correct = 2 points 
1 point either side = 1 point 

BOTH CORRECT: If both POINTS and POSITION are correct 2 further points are added.This gives a maximum total of 6 points.

Example:  By the end of Mini-Season 4 you predict QPR's POSITION will be 2nd with 90 Points. 
In reality, after 38 league games QPR are 17th with 36 points: 
You score: 2 Points for QPR LEAGUE POSITION and 1 Point for QPR LEAGUE POINTS = 3 bonus points. 

These points, should you score any, are added to your final season total and may well prove vital in ensuring promotion or saving you from relegation.

Joker Double points.
You are allowed to choose 1 game per season to act as a 'joker' round. Simply, you will double your points from the game you choose. Note, they will be added to the Bonus column in the table and not to the individual fixture. The league table will indicate with a Y in the JK column as to whether your joker has been played.

Other Features of the QPR Prediction League

League Tables:

There are various column headings for the League Tables. Defined as follows:

       [0 with red colour and blue background indicated a non-entry for this game, the predictor loses 0.1 points from their total score]
       [n with yellow colour and grey background indicates the predictor played their joker during this game, the double points are added into the BN       column, not this column]

Fixture List: 

Go to the Fixture List page for a list of future fixtures available to predict as well as past results and the Maximum possible Prediction points for each game completed.

Prediction Forms/Viewing Tables/Submitting Predictions:

League Tables, Prediction Forms and other information is posted / uploaded to the QPR Prediction League Website as soon as is possible after a fixture. Due to personal commitments, this may be a number of days after a fixture has been played. There is also a QPR Prediction League Mailing List where 1 reminder email is sent in the day or two before a fixture. QPR Prediction Cup news and other information is also distributed via the Mailing List when required. Subscribe to the Main QPR Prediction League Mailing List from this link: SUBSCRIBE.


Prizes have currently been withdrawn from the Prediction League.

The QPR Prediction Cup 2015/2016: 

The QPR Prediction Cup is a secondary competition that runs in parallel with the League competition. As well as earning points to improve your League status, for specified games, the points you score will also count towards your cup tie*, to progress you simply need to score more points than the predictor you have been drawn against. In the event of a draw, the predictor closest to the time of the 1st goal in the game (scored by either team), will go through. If you lose your tie, you are out of the QPR Prediction Cup and will be left to concentrate on the league! 

The Prediction Cup normally begins in November. The Preliminary round consists of predictors from the lower & Conference Leagues. Following this round, predictors from all Leagues, from Premier to Conference are pitched against each other. If you join the Competition after the beginning of the Cup it's too late to join in but you will be able to try again during the next QPR season.

* Typically, for as long as QPR remain in a Cup Competition I will use those fixtures to form part of the QPR Prediction Cup. Once QPR are out of all Cup Competitions, then specified League games will be chosen to act as a QPR Prediction Cup fixture.

Hopefully this explains everything, if not please drop me an email at  qprpredictionleague at anadium.com.